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January 2012:

  • January 13th: Vítor Souza, (Requirement) Evolution Requirements for Adaptive Systems.

  • January 20th: Fabiano Dalpiaz, Commitment-based business processes.

  • January 27th: Mohamad Gharib, Increasing Data Reliability in Business Processes.

February 2012:

  • February 3rd: Xiaowei Wang, Distributed Human Computation Framework for Linked Data Co-reference Resolution.

  • February 10th: Feng-Lin Li, Real-Time Integration of Service Instances From Distributed Data Streams.

  • February 17th: Alberto Siena, Requirements compliance engineering: exploring legal alternatives.

  • February 24th: Vítor Souza, Requirements-Driven Qualitative Adaptation.

March 2012:

April 2012:

  • April 5th: John Mylopoulos, The Requirements Problem Revisited.

  • April 13th: Amit K. Chopra, The Curious Case of the Missing Communication: Towards a Normative Account of Requirements Engineering.

  • April 19th: Fatma Basak Aydemir, Alignment in Organizations.

May 2012:

  • May 10th: Silvia Ingolfo, Italian guidelines on Electronic Health Record: challenges for RE.

  • May 17th: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Challenges of complex software systems adaptation.

  • May 24th: Fabiano Dalpiaz, Aligning Software Configuration with Business and IT Context.

  • May 31st: Tong Li, Security Requirement Analysis at Design Level.

June 2012:

  • June 14th: Jennifer Horkoff, Iterative, Interactive Analysis of Agent-Goal Models for Early Requirements Engineering.

  • June 18th: Vinay Chaudhri, An Ontology of Structure, Function, and their Relationship.

  • June 21th: Feng-Lin Li, Requirements driven software service evolution – a feature based approach.

  • June 28th: Mohamad Gharib, Integrity Requirements Analysis in Socio-technical Systems.

July 2012:

  • July 5th: Xiaowei Wang, Preliminary Research on Developing an Ontology of Software Evolution.

  • July 12th: Alberto Siena, Reasoning with Norm Models.

  • July 19th: Amit Chopra, Interaction-Oriented Software Engineering.

  • July 26th: Julio Leite, Evolving Software Evolution.

September 2012:

  • September 6th: Mattia Salnitri, Aligning Service-Oriented Architectures with Security Requirements.

  • September 6th: Jennifer Horkoff, Making Data Meaningful: The Business Intelligence Model and its Formal Semantics in Description Logics.

  • September 13th: Fatma Basak Aydemir, Alignment in Organizations.

  • September 21st: Jennifer Horkoff, Managing Requirements Uncertainty with Partial Models.

October 2012:

  • October 4th: Silvia Ingolfo, Requirements, Intentions, Goals and Applicable Norms.

  • October 4th: Itzel Morales-Ramirez, Where did the requirements come from? A retrospective case study.

  • October 11th: Alberto Siena, Capturing Variability of Law with Nòmos 2.

  • October 18th: Vítor Souza, Life after the PhD.

  • October 25th: Elda Paja, Detecting Inconsistencies between Organizational requirements and Security Requirements with STS-ml.

November 2012:

  • November 2nd: Konstantinos Angelopoulos, Requirements to Architecture Using Design.

  • November 8th: Tong-Li, Design secure socio-technical system through multi-view security analysis.

  • November 15th: Joao Pimentel, Complementing goal models for adaptive systems.

December 2012:

  • December 6th: Mohamad Gharib, Modeling and Analyzing Information Quality in Socio-technical Systems.

  • December 13th: Xiaowei Wang, An Ontology of Software Evolution.

  • December 20th: Feng Li, Requirements-Driven Software Service Evolution.

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